Tickets for 2019 are now on sale via Ticketflap


Thursday 28th & Friday 29th November                                Free Entry  

(register for up to two tickets per person at Ticketflap)


Saturday, 30th November                                                         HK$400

Sunday, 1st December                                                               HK$400

Season Pass to all four days of the tournament                    HK$600

*A season pass is inclusive of entry to Thursday and Friday play. Please bring your season pass with you for entry inspection each day.

**Registration for free tickets on 28th and 29th  November is required for spectators aged 21-and-over ONLY. Fans under 21 years of age can enjoy FREE entry to the 2019 Hong Kong Open across all four days of the tournament with a photo ID containing date of birth.

Spectator Information

The Hong Kong Open is one of the longest running and most prestigious annual international sporting events in Hong Kong. Once again, some of the world’s best golfers will be at the picturesque Hong Kong Golf Club this year to battle for one of the most coveted crowns on the tour.

With an enhanced off-course entertainment to complement the world class on-course golfing action, the 2019 Hong Kong Open will be one of the most fun days out for all the family!

While we are sure you will have a great time, here are a few tips that can enrich you and your fellow visitors’ time at the Hong Kong Open even more:

  1. Please obey the marshals and follow their instructions.
  2. Be as quiet as you can while play is going on.
  3. Keep your movements to a minimum when players are about to hit.
  4. Wait for all players to finish before moving on.
  5. Respect the players. Cheer a good shot, but only in an appropriate and moderate fashion but refrain from heckling or booing a player’s mistake.
  6. Wear sensible, comfortable footwear.
  7. Turn your mobile phone off or to silent mode.
  8. Don’t run around the golf course.
  9. Don’t take photos as the players are about to hit.
  10. Don’t ask golfers for autographs while they are still competing on the course.
  11. There are plenty of activities around the course for all members of the family to enjoy.

Things to do in Hong Kong

If you’re planning a trip to Hong Kong, then why not coincide it with this year’s Hong Kong Open! While the excitement on-course and spectacular scenery at Hong Kong Golf Club may be more than enough to keep you entertained for four days, Hong Kong is one of the most vibrant and diverse cities in the world with lots to explore.

Whether it’s shopping, site-seeing, nightlife, trail-running, beaches, a night at the races or just hanging out in a coffee shop, Hong Kong has it all. If you’re looking for things to do while in Hong Kong, away from the Hong Kong Open, take a look here at what the city has to offer.